22 Nov

The Chemistry in your Chemex

You only need to understand the chemistry of our chemex filter coffee. First of all, you need to drink it from The Dot to be able to tell the difference between a lousy taste and the perfect one!
Course: Drinks


Author: Muneera BuRashed


  • Chemex Coffee Maker
  • Chemex filterpapers
  • Pour-Over Kettle
  • Weighting Scale, if available


  • 17 grams coffee
  • 250 ml water
  • 12-15 ground size depending on yourgrinder


  • Place the three folds on the mouth of Chemex.
  • Rinse the filter paper (to remove the filter taste on the paper, and make it stick to the surface of the Chemex)
  • Add the coffee gradually, slowly, and evenly.

    (Note: remember to weight first all filter method with the grounded coffee (0) then start adding the water)

  • Bloom the grounded coffee, 50 ml softly and nicely.

    (Note: do not touch the filter paper with the water, you need to pour only in a spiral on the ground coffee)

  • (Note: pour only in aspiral on the ground coffee and wait for 30 seconds in between each pour).

    Addthe remaining water in three to two pours; in spiral/circle.


Get your tools right in front of you, and make sure if you would like to have the best out of Chemex, you need to get fresh light to medium roast coffee beans of your preference.

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