Our Story …

Throughout our journey together, as husband and wife, we have been fascinated with the marvelous coffee knowledge that makes one appreciate having each flawless cup of real coffee. Indeed, traveling through various concepts of urban and modern coffee shops in Europe since 2014 charmed us. Especially with the sophisticated yet simple approach in pouring you a proper coffee! From the time when we were hooked in, we kept nourishing our knowledge and get the right certificates to acquire the science and art behind it all. We visited several farms and met their people to learn what seed to cup really mean!


The love for coffee has been rooted in us, thus taking it to the next level amongst our community has been a responsibility that we committed ourselves to. This led us to bring The Dot into being. Since everything in life starts and ends with a dot, we opt (The Dot) as a name for our coffee shop for many reasons. Whether it is to remind you to keep calm as everything lies within a dot or to assure a cup you can enjoy ’til the last dot!! Either way, we, as a progressive, independent establishment pledge to pour our passion into offering you what is worth melting for!

About us …


The Dot Coffee & Brunch came into existence to have that unique connection between coffee and its admirer. We believe everyone deserves a real cup of coffee. Thus, to ensure serving you the best coffee in town, we carefully select our beans from the finest farms across the world. Besides, we offer a range of delightful brunch meals, which are unique in their taste although may sound famous to you.

We are a second home for you to relax, work, and celebrate.

What makes us different

We are different & awesome..
we provide what others can't do ..

Specialty Coffee

We select our specialty beans from the finest farms in the world, because we believe everyone deserves a proper cup of coffee.

Fresh servings

Our meals are freshly cooked with the best ingredients to appease your taste and make you crave for more!

Cozy Vibes

Hang out for the whole day or just 5 minutes, The Dot is your second home, for you to relax & enjoy the ambiance.

Online Ordering

Cannot hang around, but craving for our offerings? No problem, order online with us to takeaway or we’ll deliver to you.

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